A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic
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Death’s vasteness holds no peace.I come at the end of the long road—neither human, nor devil…All bends to my will.

Death’s vasteness holds no peace.
I come at the end of the long road—neither human, nor devil…

All bends to my will.

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Dreamless dorm, ticking clock
I walk away from the soundless room
Windless night, moonlight melts
My ghostly shadow to the lukewarm gloom
Nightly dance of bleeding swords Reminds me that I still live
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Lisa: What does it take to prove that you were alive…?
Even if you die, as long as you’re remembered you’ll live on as a memory…

Eikichi: But then, if you’re forgotten…
That’s not different from being dead…

Jun: No man is an island… So we try to imprint our existence in others… Following one’s dreams my be one way of doing so.

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Yet drunk with truth, you exceeded your role and became too involved…
Now, learn for yourselves whose wrath you have brought down!

You cannot atone so easily for your foolish pride in stepping into the realm of the gods…

Why…why don’t you understand? It’s impossible for humans to grasp the truth with their own hands…

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I am charged with the heat and tension of battle… now we begin! Don’t disappoint me!

You will honor me by fighting as though you mean to kill. To hold back would be nothing short of insulting. I’ll tell you now, discard any concern you may have for me!

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