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For years and years I roamed.

“because i have no loved ones”

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What happened to the other people who travelled with you?

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happy birthday Andy Hallett : well today he would be 37 , i couln’t let this day pass after all i’m here to remember him and his Lorne , i do not want to be all sad that his gone i never did meet Andy but i do know he was a happy person , i’ve see so many photos of him and in each one he was the biggest smile on his face! , so …i really don’t know what to say , just that you will never be  forgottten , when i first start to watch ATS i never did pay much attention to his Lorne , sad but true , but i did like him and i could see how talented Andy was , i did got upset when i tought Lorne died because of those episodes at pylea with the cutting off his head ,latter on when i started to re-watch it was weird but i feel for Lorne i could see so much of me in a green demon , strange hein? , but Lorne was the heart of the gang . and Andy really was the definition of talent ,the way he act , the way he sang , what an angelic voice! i remember getting goosebumps watching him sing on the show! , so gone way too soon but not forgotten ,forever in our hearts , happy birthday Andy Hallett may you sing up there with the angels now. 

“like a shooting star flying across the room , so fast ,so far you were gone too soon” 

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Welcome back, Agent Dunham.

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Fringe Episodic Stills :                ↳  006 / 050

Fringe Episodic Stills :
                ↳  006 / 050

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A supernatural show about natural battles